Track Record

Fire protection alarms, high pressure water sprinklers, and foam blanket jets protect the facility. Our operation center is in 24-hour contact with port operations, pilots and service providers.

  • Our highly trained bunkering team has maintained a zero spillage track record since the company’s inception.
  • All tank farm and fuel drainage from the bunded area is via a separator pit system, to ensure no environmental contamination by hydrocarbon products.
  • Regular testing and certification of all bunker hoses and lines (to 50% above normal operating pressures) are conducted in house by our professional staff.
  • Fire and environmental planning drills and planning are done in partnership with local authorities.
  • Oasis has contracted with a professional spill response and environmental protection company (recognized by Government of Oman) to ensure a speedy and appropriate response to any problem, in the unlikely event that they should ever be required.
  • All our services conform to international standards.