All Oasis products and imported products are property tested in our own facility and at Oman Refinery Company laboratory services, whilst analyze drip samples are drawn by both Saybolt and SGS inspection services to ensure full compliance with ISO standards, before being stored in our tanks. Sources in the Arabian Gulf provide us with a stable supply of products.

Whilst Oasis adheres to a strict corporate policy for quality control, major independent surveyors who represent an independent quality and quantity verification for their client are welcome to attend the verification process. Independent surveyors that have worked with Oasis include Inspectorate, Caleb Brett, Saybolt, SGS, and Marine Services Co.

The following grades are as per ISO 8217: 2010 standards.

  • Fuel Oil 180 cst: RME —180
  • Fuel Oil 380 cst: RMG —380
  • Marine Gas Oil : DMA
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Bunkering Operations

Supply by ex-pipe

* fuel oil to berths 1-7
* gasoil to berths 1-8

We also do small quantities (300 tons or less) of 180 CST by truck.

ISO bunker quality assured

The modern refineries in Oman produce quality gas oil, however bunker grade residual fuel oil has to be imported. All shipments are pre-tested for compliance to ISO standards and are checked for compliance with maximum metal concentration standards.


Competitive price & terms

Oasis bunker prices typically track the regional reference price of the Fujairah Platts Bunker Wire. Spot deals trade at a minor premium. We give favorable consideration to term deals at the Fujairah Bunker Wire reference price when payment is made by electronic funds transfer. In partnership with local banks, Oasis offers an international easy payment system with local and dollar funds deposit, free transfer cost and six-hour clearance. Oasis considers this payment system as key to providing the best value in bunkering. The company’s terms of trade are in line with international practice.

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